The next version of Windows has been just announced and it is going to be called Windows10 and not Windows9 according to the latest event from San Francisco today.

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  1. New Name? Windows 10 and No Windows 9. Yes its surprising to see Microsoft has skipped the Windows 9 and is calling it Windows 10 expected to release sometime in 2015.
  2. Multiple Form Factors: We already heard that haven’t we for Windows 8? Yes looks like Microsoft further enhances Windows to support multiple platforms. Which takes the vision of Windows 8 a step ahead to support more form factors in a seamless way and from what I believe features are also focusing on their overall Productivity Vision for all their new products.
  3. I will just be listing out a few features of Windows 10 followed by the link to the Official Demo video.
    Yippieeee….Yes it was back in Windows8.1 already but now in Windows 10 in its original form factor and which looks like an upgrade including an addition of possible Live Tiles (Resembling Windows Phone)
    Microsoft Windows Future
  • Snapping Windows & Multiple Desktops:
    In Windows 8 we had an improved snapping of windows but only 2 windows could was possible. In windows 10 its more easy to multiple task with possibility of snapping 4 windows (Aero Snapping update) simultaneously. Also the ability to have and create multiple desktops (On the lines of “Spaces” on Mac)
  • Command Prompt Update:
    Wow Wow and Wowwww….This might sound a bit over excitement but you wont believe such a silly update might give you so much of excitement. Have you ever cursed command prompt that its actually typical to copy paste into the command prompt? (Copy any path Right Click on CMD window and click on paste)
    Now here is what excites me…Might look so funny but YES we can now CTRL+V to command prompt. For anyone who have been using command prompt that is NEWS 😀

Here is the Official Demo

How to Install the Technical Preview version of Windows 10?
“Tomorrow, on October 1, Microsoft will open up its preview.windows.com site so that those interested in testing the Enterprise Technical Preview version of the operating system can download the early bits.”
Although it will be installing an unfinished product, Microsoft plans to distribute “more frequent updates with earlier, but less polished software,” and will grant them access to the Windows Feedback app. You can register to become an insider at the Preview website.