Wanted to share this very interesting feature in O365. Especially if you are using SharePoint Online to upload and share documents across.

Usually you need to know the path of a particular SharePoint location to find a set of documents your team or some files that you generally refer from.

Big Take away – You won’t need to ever remember where you have stored documents in O365

Delve which was originally codenamed OSLO and is a very intuitive way of finding relevant O365 documents that:

· You have Created

· Modified

· Your team has shared

· Anyone else has shared

· Trending documents around you

Where can you find it?

You will be fairly surprised with the power of this new search capability and very interactive UI. There is a lot more and I will let you explore all other features of Delve using the below links.

If you have every used Pinterest the flashcards sort of UI below looks very familiar.

An hour long demonstration of OSLO feature:


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