Windows 10 Devices:

Microsoft live event for the Windows 10 Devices today introduced us to the new products that where build for Windows 10 and announced today.

A wide variety of Windows 10 devices announced ranging from phone, laptop, a wrist band and its new innovative virtual reality gaming device HoloLens. Some impressive specs and features introduced in all of these devices. Everyone must be guessing from last year’s event where is Microsoft going with Windows 10. And what is all the hype about releasing a new Operating system. You can read my previous Blog post about Windows 10 announcement event last year.

But after looking at all these devices announced today and how they seamlessly use the power of the Windows 10 OS in a very unique way. It definitely raised my eyebrows and kept me thinking will they be successful?

Go ahead read ahead watch all the demos and comment on what you think?

Windows Surface Pro 4:

A new thinnest tablet that can replace your Laptop with its high performance specs.

Pixel Sense technology:


8.4 mm thin

5 million pixels

267 PPI

Pen: Tail Eraser, 1024 levels of pressure

Performance: 30% faster than Surface Pro 3. 50% faster than MacBook Air. Upgradable Up to 16 GB RAM and 1 TB of Storage.


Windows Surface Book:


6 million pixels

Nvidia GeForce GPU (High-speed GDDR memory)

12 hour battery life

Performance: 2 times faster than MacBook Pro.

Price $1499 – Pre-Order 7th Oct, Available on Oct 26th


Lumia 950 or 950 XL:

Phones with a PC experience? Guessing how that is going to be made possible? Connect your Lumia 950 or 950XL to a Microsoft Display Dock to create a PC experience powered by your phone.

Continuum is now compatible with Windows 10 mobile devices, making it possible to use Windows Phones as computers, essentially.

Using Continuum, you can plug a HDMI display into your phone and use Microsoft’s universal apps like you would on a computer. And you can opt to plug in a mouse and keyboard as well.

Microsoft has also announced a Continuum Dock, which will make getting your phone set up with an external display quick and easy. It will also enable connectivity for displays that might not support Miracast. The dock has three USB ports, one HDMI and one DisplayPort, as well as the option to use its own power supply so it will charge your phone simultaneously.


Microsoft announced HoloLens in an earlier event which you probably has shocked many in technology sectors. A new ways to use virtual reality to make productivity experiences in ways unimaginable. If you had missed the earlier event you can quickly check the demo.

Today’s announcement takes this to a whole different new level. HoloLens uses X-Ray technology to analyze your home and thus create a wireframe of the walls, so it knows exactly where to place the bad guys in the game. Virtual reality based gaming
The demo at today’s event had one player blasting through walls and fighting aliens on stage. Holding a new controller, he was able to summon a holographic blaster which he used to take his attackers down as they were coming out of the walls.

HoloLens Development Edition Availability for developers – $3000 in Q1 of 2016

For more details you can visit

Band 2

A curved touchscreen second generation wearable activity tracker Band 2 boasts the following sensors that can perform a wide range of activities:

Optical Heart Rate Sensor

3-axis Accelerometer



Ambient light sensor

Skin temperature sensor

UV Sensor

Capacitive Sensor


Galvanic Skin response sensor


Price $249 – Pre-Order 6th Oct, Available on Oct 30th