About Me

I strongly believe in the principle of “Knowledge Shared Is Knowledge Gained”. I am a technology enthusiast in general and love to follow technology trends mostly Microsoft related but not necessarily just limited to it. I also follow lot of television, sports and more recently flattered by travelling places. If you like what you read in my blog take a moment to comment on the post which will give me enough support to end my laziness to write my next blog post. Hope you also share something with me if not anything interesting at least your thoughts about my post. Thanks and visit here again 🙂


3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Dear Sir

    Can you tll me about silver light installation procedure. how can work on it.

    warm regards

  2. hello boss…
    according u , if want make a high quality game, what the best software?
    -silver light
    -expression blend
    -physic behaviour
    – other…
    which is that?
    thx.. 🙂

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