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I have made some telegram groups/channels recently to promote knowledge sharing in different technologies and initiatives.

Below are few of them:
India Referral JOBS
Referral jobs in India for experienced and fresher openings

Designers Hub – UI/UX
Community to share queries, post tips, latest trends and tricks relating to UI/UX design development. Articles from across groups into one repository… Lets Go Design

Datascience & Machine Learning

Posts from world’s largest datascientists community and latest trends learning articles in Machine learning, deep learning, AI and tools

Being MAN
This page wants to reassure people of what BEING MAN really is about including reality facts and funny experiences of MEN.



Android Studio 2.2 – Troubleshooting Issues/Problems USB Debugging in Windows with OP3/OnePlus3



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I had recently lost my Samsung Note 2 android device which forced me to get a brand new OnePlus 3 device. I had hoped everything would just be a smooth ride for Android development.

It was until I was using my MacBook pro in which I had faced no problems with by just installing all the basic required SDKs with the USB Driver using the Android SDK manager in Android Studio Tools> Android > SDK Manager
Under the SDK Tools menu option > Google USB Driver. Mine looked something like the below:

Not to forget I wont be going through all the default configurations you need to make to enable developer options in your device and then enable USB Debugging etc. There are plenty of tutorials that handle all the basic settings.

However when I started installing and setting up Android Studio on my Windows Laptop same didnt work. Firstly Windows was not by default detecting my device. Had to workaround this to find out my OnePlus3 USB driver separately.

The common error I was trying to workaround was:

No USB Devices or running emulators detected
Connected Devices

I used the following Video to figure out some basic settings for windows to enable USB Debugging in Windows.

There was a point where I had to find Oneplus 3 specific USB Driver which I found and installed from the link here:

I went ahead and installed both the USB Driver as well as ADB/Fastboot drivers just in case. Just followed the instructions from the youtube link. And then if you still face problems try to reset the device debugging setting, disconnect the USB cable and then connect it again:

Once I had the device settings worked up and I could find the device using Android Studio the next error I faced was:
ADB Android Device Unauthorized
error: device unauthorized.
This adb server’s $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set
Try ‘adb kill-server’ if that seems wrong.
Otherwise check for a confirmation dialog on your device.
Below steps solved the problem for me:

unplug your Android Device
revoke USB debugging authorizations in Android Developer Options
plug your Device. You can accept the fingerprint once more.

If that doesnt help there are some really long length of steps that might work for you over the below link, just give it a try and comment below on this post which worked for you. That might help others fix it too.

Windows 10 Devices Launched Highlights October 6


Windows 10 Devices:

Microsoft live event for the Windows 10 Devices today introduced us to the new products that where build for Windows 10 and announced today.

A wide variety of Windows 10 devices announced ranging from phone, laptop, a wrist band and its new innovative virtual reality gaming device HoloLens. Some impressive specs and features introduced in all of these devices. Everyone must be guessing from last year’s event where is Microsoft going with Windows 10. And what is all the hype about releasing a new Operating system. You can read my previous Blog post about Windows 10 announcement event last year.

But after looking at all these devices announced today and how they seamlessly use the power of the Windows 10 OS in a very unique way. It definitely raised my eyebrows and kept me thinking will they be successful?

Go ahead read ahead watch all the demos and comment on what you think?

Windows Surface Pro 4:

A new thinnest tablet that can replace your Laptop with its high performance specs.

Pixel Sense technology:


8.4 mm thin

5 million pixels

267 PPI

Pen: Tail Eraser, 1024 levels of pressure

Performance: 30% faster than Surface Pro 3. 50% faster than MacBook Air. Upgradable Up to 16 GB RAM and 1 TB of Storage.


Windows Surface Book:


6 million pixels

Nvidia GeForce GPU (High-speed GDDR memory)

12 hour battery life

Performance: 2 times faster than MacBook Pro.

Price $1499 – Pre-Order 7th Oct, Available on Oct 26th


Lumia 950 or 950 XL:

Phones with a PC experience? Guessing how that is going to be made possible? Connect your Lumia 950 or 950XL to a Microsoft Display Dock to create a PC experience powered by your phone.

Continuum is now compatible with Windows 10 mobile devices, making it possible to use Windows Phones as computers, essentially.

Using Continuum, you can plug a HDMI display into your phone and use Microsoft’s universal apps like you would on a computer. And you can opt to plug in a mouse and keyboard as well.

Microsoft has also announced a Continuum Dock, which will make getting your phone set up with an external display quick and easy. It will also enable connectivity for displays that might not support Miracast. The dock has three USB ports, one HDMI and one DisplayPort, as well as the option to use its own power supply so it will charge your phone simultaneously.


Microsoft announced HoloLens in an earlier event which you probably has shocked many in technology sectors. A new ways to use virtual reality to make productivity experiences in ways unimaginable. If you had missed the earlier event you can quickly check the demo.

Today’s announcement takes this to a whole different new level. HoloLens uses X-Ray technology to analyze your home and thus create a wireframe of the walls, so it knows exactly where to place the bad guys in the game. Virtual reality based gaming
The demo at today’s event had one player blasting through walls and fighting aliens on stage. Holding a new controller, he was able to summon a holographic blaster which he used to take his attackers down as they were coming out of the walls.

HoloLens Development Edition Availability for developers – $3000 in Q1 of 2016

For more details you can visit

Band 2

A curved touchscreen second generation wearable activity tracker Band 2 boasts the following sensors that can perform a wide range of activities:

Optical Heart Rate Sensor

3-axis Accelerometer



Ambient light sensor

Skin temperature sensor

UV Sensor

Capacitive Sensor


Galvanic Skin response sensor


Price $249 – Pre-Order 6th Oct, Available on Oct 30th


Best Song 2018 Tera Zikr Song Lyrics and English Meaning or Translation


Singer – Darshan Raval
Composer – Darshan Raval
Lyrics – A M Turaz Flute – Shashank Acharya
Music Producer – Sourav Roy
Mixing Engineer – Abhishek Ghatak
Mastering Engineer – Shadab Rayeen – New Edge Studios
Remixed By : Denny Remix
Produced By : Aishwary Tripathi Mixed and Mastered : Aishwary Tripathi

Original/translation Lyrics

Abhi abhi to mile thhe
Phir judaa ho gaye
Kya thi meri khata
Tum saza ho gaye
We met just now
We got seperated again
What was my mistake
That you became my punishment
Mujhe khone ke baad ek din
Tum mujhe yaad karoge
Phir dekhna milne ki mujhse
Tum fariyad karoge x (2)
You’ll miss me one day after you loose me

You’ll remember me
Then you will see To meet me
You’ll request

Mulaqatein adhuri rahi
Muqammal karoonga yeh waada raha
Tanhaiyon se bhi main teri
Baaten karoonga yeh waada raha

Our meeting was incomplete
I’ll make it complete, it’s my promise
I’m lonely without you, But
I’ll confess, That’s my promise
Tera zikr jisme hua na ho
Mere paas aisa lamha na ho
Maine jisme tujhko maanga nahi
Mere labb pe aisi dua na ho ba-khuda
Your rememberance wasn’t missing
I don’t have a single moment when
I haven’t asked for you in every aspect
But, in my words you must be my wish
Mujhe khone ke baad ek din
Tum mujhe yaad karoge
Phir dekhna milne ki mujhse
Tum fariyad karoge x (2)

You’ll miss me one day after you loose me
You’ll remember me
Then you will see To meet me
You’ll request

Original Song Listen Here

Big Boss 9 Contestants Revealed – Double Trouble


This years most awaited reality show has started of with a bang….
Guess who returns as the Biggest Surprise to the show….Who else and none other than the Showman SALMAN KHAN….He returns with a Bang and confirms he is hosting the show….Over past seasons Salman has owned the hosting of the show with his nitty gritty character subtly managing the contestants and equally passing on feedback with his intuitive


housemates1 housemates2

1) Digangana Suryavanshi -Actress
2) Prince Narula-Reality Show Winner
3) Roopal Tyagi-Actress
4)Kishwer Merchantt-Actress
5)Suyash Rai-Actor
6) Aman yatan Verma-Actor
7) Rimi Sen-Actress
8)Yuvika Choudary-Actress
9)Vikas Bhalla-Singer/actor
10)Mandana Karimi-Model/Actress
11)Rochelle Rao-Model/Anchor
12)Ankit Gera-Actor
13)Keith Sequeira-VJ/Actor
14)Arvind Vegda-Singer

This years show pattern is Double Trouble. Meaning contestants will join the house as pairs. The pairing process was very interesting and entertaining when a lot of contestants rejected the popular Prince Narula who is a famed reality show winner. He definitely scored some brownie points with the constant feedback he was receiving from other contestants. Finally here are the below start-up jodis entering the Big Boss House. I am sure the equations will get better and worse as the show passes by. With atleast couple of real life couples participating the show… I am sure there will be a lot of action that Big Boss usually promises its fans.

  1. Digangana Suryavanshi & Roopal Tyagi
  2. Kishwer Merchantt & Aman yatan Verma
  3. Rimi Sen & Suyash Rai
  4. Yuvika Chaudhary & Vikas Bhalla
  5. Prince Narula & Rochelle Maria
  6. Mandana Karimi & Keith Sequira
  7. Ankit Gera & Arvind Vegda

Next Version of windows named Windows10. How to Install and Whats New?



The next version of Windows has been just announced and it is going to be called Windows10 and not Windows9 according to the latest event from San Francisco today.

More live updates on the event at

  1. New Name? Windows 10 and No Windows 9. Yes its surprising to see Microsoft has skipped the Windows 9 and is calling it Windows 10 expected to release sometime in 2015.
  2. Multiple Form Factors: We already heard that haven’t we for Windows 8? Yes looks like Microsoft further enhances Windows to support multiple platforms. Which takes the vision of Windows 8 a step ahead to support more form factors in a seamless way and from what I believe features are also focusing on their overall Productivity Vision for all their new products.
  3. I will just be listing out a few features of Windows 10 followed by the link to the Official Demo video.
    Yippieeee….Yes it was back in Windows8.1 already but now in Windows 10 in its original form factor and which looks like an upgrade including an addition of possible Live Tiles (Resembling Windows Phone)
    Microsoft Windows Future
  • Snapping Windows & Multiple Desktops:
    In Windows 8 we had an improved snapping of windows but only 2 windows could was possible. In windows 10 its more easy to multiple task with possibility of snapping 4 windows (Aero Snapping update) simultaneously. Also the ability to have and create multiple desktops (On the lines of “Spaces” on Mac)
  • Command Prompt Update:
    Wow Wow and Wowwww….This might sound a bit over excitement but you wont believe such a silly update might give you so much of excitement. Have you ever cursed command prompt that its actually typical to copy paste into the command prompt? (Copy any path Right Click on CMD window and click on paste)
    Now here is what excites me…Might look so funny but YES we can now CTRL+V to command prompt. For anyone who have been using command prompt that is NEWS 😀

Here is the Official Demo

How to Install the Technical Preview version of Windows 10?
“Tomorrow, on October 1, Microsoft will open up its site so that those interested in testing the Enterprise Technical Preview version of the operating system can download the early bits.”
Although it will be installing an unfinished product, Microsoft plans to distribute “more frequent updates with earlier, but less polished software,” and will grant them access to the Windows Feedback app. You can register to become an insider at the Preview website.

Delve: Codename Oslo – Next generation search and discovering files on O365



Wanted to share this very interesting feature in O365. Especially if you are using SharePoint Online to upload and share documents across.

Usually you need to know the path of a particular SharePoint location to find a set of documents your team or some files that you generally refer from.

Big Take away – You won’t need to ever remember where you have stored documents in O365

Delve which was originally codenamed OSLO and is a very intuitive way of finding relevant O365 documents that:

· You have Created

· Modified

· Your team has shared

· Anyone else has shared

· Trending documents around you

Where can you find it?

You will be fairly surprised with the power of this new search capability and very interactive UI. There is a lot more and I will let you explore all other features of Delve using the below links.

If you have every used Pinterest the flashcards sort of UI below looks very familiar.

An hour long demonstration of OSLO feature:

Recent Blog:

Miss Universe 2013 Contestants

Miss Azerbaijan

Aysel Manafova


Miss El Salvador

Alba Delgado

Miss Brazil

Jakelyne Oliveira


Miss Bolivia

Alexia Viruez

Miss Great Britain

Amy Willerton

Miss Bulgaria

Veneta Krasteva


Miss Chile

Maria-Jesus Matthei


Miss China

Jin Ye


Miss Costa Rica

Fabiana Granados


Miss Curacao

Eline de Pool


Miss Denmark

Cecilia Iftikhar


Miss Estonia

Kristina Karjalainen


Miss Ethopia

Maheder Tigabe


Miss Germany

Anne Julia Hagen


Miss Greece

Anastasia Sidiropoulou


Miss Guam

Alixes Scott


Miss Guatemala

Paulette Samayoa


Miss Guyana

Katherina Roshana


Miss Haiti

Mondiana Pierre


Miss Honduras

Diana Schoutsen


Miss Hungary

Rebeka Karpati


Miss Italy

Luna Voce


Miss Jamaica

Kerrie Baylis


Miss Kazakhstan

Aygerim Kozhakanova


Miss Lebanon

Karen Ghrawi


Miss Lithuania

Simona Burbaite


Miss Namibia

Paulina Malulu


Miss New Zealand

Holly Cassidy


Miss Nigeria

Stephanie Okwu


Miss Norway

Mari Ekelof


Miss Paraguay

Guadalupe Gonzalez Talavera


Miss Romania

Roxana Andrei


Miss Serbia

Ana Vrcelj

Miss Singapore

Shi Lim


Miss Slovenia

Nina Đurđević


Miss Spain

Patricia Yurena Rodriguez


Miss Sri Lanka

Amanda Ratnayake


Miss Sweden

Alexandra Friberg


Miss Philippines

Ariella Arida

Miss Turkey

Berrin Keklikler

Miss Argentina

Brenda gonzalez

Miss Malaysia

Carey Ng

Miss Panama

Carolina Brid

Miss Thailand

Chalita Yaemwannang

Miss Ecuador

Constanza Báez

Miss Mexico

Cynthia Duque Garza

Miss Mauritius

Diya Beeltah

Miss Switzerland

Dominique Rinderknecht

Miss Austria

Doris Hofmann

Miss Russia

Elmira Abdrazakova

Miss USA

Erin Brady

Miss Czech Republic

Gabriela Kratochvilova

Miss Ghana

Hanniel Jamin

Miss France

Hinarani de Longeaux

Miss Scotland

Jamey Bowers

Slovak Republic

Jeanette Borhyová

Miss Gabon

Jennifer Ondo

Miss Korea

Kim Yu Mi

Miss Albania

kristina bakiu

Miss Bahamas

Lexi Wilson

Miss India

Manasi Moghe


Miss Finland

Lotta Hintsa

Miss Venezuela

Maria Gabriela Isler

Miss South Africa

Marilyn Ramos

Miss Croatia

melita fabecic

Miss Uruguay

Micaela Orsi

Miss Colombia

Lucia Aldana

Miss Puerto Rico

Monic Pérez

Miss Nicaragua

Nastassja Bolívar

Miss Myanmar

Moe Set Wine


Miss Montenegro

Nikoleta Jovanović

Miss Belgium

noemie happart

Miss Australia

olivia wells

Miss Poland

Paulina Krupińska

Miss Canada

Riza Santos

Miss British Virgin Islands

Sharie De Castro

Miss Turks and Caicos

Snwazna Adams

Miss Aruba

stefanie evangelista

Miss Netherlands

Stephanie Tency

Miss Botswana

Tsaone Macheng

Miss Angola

Vaumara Rebelo

Miss Indonesia

Whulandary Herman

Miss Domincan Republic

Yaritza Reyes

Miss Israel

Yityish Aynaw

Miss Japan

Yukimi Matsuo

Miss Tanzania

Betty Omara


Miss Trinidad & Tobago

Catherine Miller


Miss Ukraine

Olga Storozhenko


Miss Vietnam

Truong Thi May


Best Song 2013 Aashiqui 2 Tum Hi Ho Song Lyrics and English Meaning or Translation

wallpaper Aashique2 Lyrics

Movie: Aashiqui 2
Music: Mithoon
Singer: Arijit Singh

Hum tere bin ab reh nahin sakte
Tere bina kyaa vajood meraa

I can’t live without you now
What’s my existence without you

Tujh se judaa agar ho jaayengey
Toh khud se hi ho jaayengey judaa

If i get seperated from you,
I’ll be seperated from my own self

Kyun ki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi, ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi,meraa dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Because you alone are
Now you only are
life,You are my life
My peace, and my pain
You alone are my love…

Teraa meraa rishtaa hai kaisaa
Ik pal door gawaara nahi
Tere liye har roz hai jeete
Tujh ko diyaa meraa waqt sabhii

How’s this relationship of ours,
I dont like the distance of even a moment
Everyday, I live for you
All my time is for you

Koi lamhaa meraa naa ho tere binaa
Har saans pe naam teraa

There shouldn’t be a moment of mine without you,
There is yout name on my every breath…

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, meraa dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Because you alone are,
Now you only are,
life. You’re my life.
My peace, and my pain,
You alone are my love..

Tere liye he jiya mein
Khud ko jo yun de diya hai
Teri wafa ne mujko sambhala
Sarey ghamo ko dil se nikala

Just for u i am living
The way i have given myself
Your loyalty has made me strong
Took all the pain away from my heart

Tere saath hai mera naseeb judra
Tuhjey paa ke adhoora na raha

With you is my destiny bonded
After getting you i am incomplete any more

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, meraa dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Because you alone are,
Now you only are,
life. You’re my life.
My peace, and my pain,
You alone are my love..

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, meraa dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho….

Because you alone are,
Now you only are,
life. You’re my life.
My peace, and my pain,
you alone are my love..

Technology at its Best: App helps blind to send text messages

Technology at its Best: App helps blind to send text messages

We always wonder of what technology is capable of and how it brings everything at our finger tips to “Enabled people” (like U & I). But at least for me I feel doubly proud to be in the IT sector when we see examples like these helping the disabled (In this case for the BLIND). Gives that sense of happiness and responsibility to relate ourselves directly or indirectly to what is being done at least in bits for them. Next time you are building an app or a web application or a solution or supporting a group also think of creating something that will help these special people in one way or the other. They are special because at least 90% of them dream of doing things that we can’t even dream of even without being handicapped.


As we think about our next-generation communication experiences, our multi-endpoint focus should include thinking through the accessibility needs of our customers on these new devices.

“Researchers at Georgia Tech produced the app – to be made available on Apple and Android devices – based on the Braille writing system.

It is claimed typing with the app is up to six times faster than existing methods for texting without sight. Access to technology for the visually-impaired is a growing issue due to the proliferation of touchscreens.

Experts say currently available tools, such as Apple’s Voiceover technology, are functional but too slow to be used effectively.

Brailletouch, which the team hope to release in the next couple of weeks, uses a system that is controlled with six fingers and, crucially, does not .

"Users who know how to type Braille well never move their hands," explained Mario Romero, lead researcher on the project. "When users hold the phone they hold the phone with the screen facing away from them in landscape mode. "They wrap the index, middle and ring finger in each hand around the phone. "It’s not like the Qwerty keyboard where you move up and down. That’s why this thing works – we can get away with only six keys."