Windows8 OS First Look – Next Version of Windows7

Still getting used to Windows7 then time to also start learning about Windows8 the next proposed version of Windows Operating Systems.

It might sound crazy like Whattttttttttt another OS version??? But the answer is Yes Its true because Microsoft has just unveiled Windows8. (Pre-Beta version)

I would refer to January6th 2011 when we first heard from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer @CES2011 himself giving an insight on what the next version of Windows is going to be about.

I did blog about it then and what was mentioned at that time is now Live to be used by everyone. Below is what I quoted:
Next version of Windows (An updated version on what I would call it as “Windows8” was given and it will support the SOC architecture(System On Chip architecture). I am still new to what this architecture is all about. MS has already started engineering for the next version of windows partnering with Nvidia/Intel/Qualcomm/AMD etc. That will build products on this technology. This is a demo of just the platform support of the future windows OS and not the UI. High performance and easy portability on any device is the motive of the future windows. It’s also about enabling windows experiences to run natively on ARM extending windows commitment to SOC architectures.)” Read More at link.

With lot of speculations about Windows 8 in recent times Microsoft now had officially cleared some air on what is Windows8 and released the first Windows8 Developer Preview version for public at the Build Conference (Windows). Steve Sinofsky the President of Microsoft’s Windows Division gave a wonderful keynote giving live demos of the Windows8 OS.

In this blog I would give you quick highlights and my views on the OS and feel free to view the Keynote at

Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Live division, gives a preview of Windows 8.
(Credit: Microsoft )

· All New Start Screen:

The All new Metro Style START Screen……. I personally felt this screen was inspired by the Windows Phone UI with Panorama. You can just keep swiping the screen to the right to view all other Taskbar applications etc. I just loved the demo of the OS and gives you a clear feeling that now the Windows OS is “Socialized”. Your My Pictures are now also integrated with you pictures on your social network etc.

· MultiTask Docking View and SideView:

Provides a more seamless way of multitasking as in the example below a video can be watched while keeping an eye on the News Feed (Left) in parallel.

· Internet Explorer for Metro Style (Chromeless)
There is a customized IE9 Metro App that comes by default with Windows8. It has all the features of the IE9 that has already been released. (Hardware Acceleration etc.)

· Spell Check throughout the system

· Performance:
Below snap clearly depicts approx..50% reduced memory usage of Windows8 compared to Win7

· Windows App Store

My opinion after looking at the keynote its more about Apps, Apps and lot of Apps that exist in the OS by default and also that can be built for the OS using the developer tools…

All of them would be Touch centric as well as the OS completely is Touch Friendly. With the very successful Windows Phone Mobile app store now Microsoft has come up with a Windows App store for the first time where developers can package their applications that they build for Windows8 to the app store. Others can download the apps based free or buy the apps right from the app store. Even they also allow Win32 applications to also be uploaded in the app store. The keynote demos on the life cycle of a Windows8 Application built using the new tools (Visual Studio 11 & Expression Blend 5 Preview). Both these tools provide Windows8 specific templates that make application creation a breeze.

These are just couple of highlights that I have touched upon and there are lots of demos on Windows8 applications for Azure and more deep dive sessions on Windows8 api and lot of cool stuff you can view at Channel9.

All Videos related to Windows8

For instance you can find the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8:

Read more:

You can download Windows8 @

Please note this is a pre-beta version and might not be as stable as the final versions of the operating system. It’s definitely recommended not to use it on production environments.