Technology at its Best: App helps blind to send text messages

We always wonder of what technology is capable of and how it brings everything at our finger tips to “Enabled people” (like U & I). But at least for me I feel doubly proud to be in the IT sector when we see examples like these helping the disabled (In this case for the BLIND). Gives that sense of happiness and responsibility to relate ourselves directly or indirectly to what is being done at least in bits for them. Next time you are building an app or a web application or a solution or supporting a group also think of creating something that will help these special people in one way or the other. They are special because at least 90% of them dream of doing things that we can’t even dream of even without being handicapped.


As we think about our next-generation communication experiences, our multi-endpoint focus should include thinking through the accessibility needs of our customers on these new devices.

“Researchers at Georgia Tech produced the app – to be made available on Apple and Android devices – based on the Braille writing system.

It is claimed typing with the app is up to six times faster than existing methods for texting without sight. Access to technology for the visually-impaired is a growing issue due to the proliferation of touchscreens.

Experts say currently available tools, such as Apple’s Voiceover technology, are functional but too slow to be used effectively.

Brailletouch, which the team hope to release in the next couple of weeks, uses a system that is controlled with six fingers and, crucially, does not .

"Users who know how to type Braille well never move their hands," explained Mario Romero, lead researcher on the project. "When users hold the phone they hold the phone with the screen facing away from them in landscape mode. "They wrap the index, middle and ring finger in each hand around the phone. "It’s not like the Qwerty keyboard where you move up and down. That’s why this thing works – we can get away with only six keys."