With 2011 being one of the eventful years with some revolutionary products being released that made a difference to how people lived. I am taking this opportunity to bid this year good bye giving you some of the anticipated products of 2012 that can change our world further. With too many products from various companies competing I am splitting my blog into different categories followed by the products in those categories (TV, Gaming, Tablets and Mobile). Before you start scrolling down I would snatch a chance wishing you a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2012.

TV: (Apples iTV, Samsung SMART TV & LG OLED HDTV)

Apples latest TV rumored to be Apple iTV could be released in 3 different sizes to compete with Samsung and LG who are also in producing next gen Smart TV.

iTV will sport a new processor – one that will also appear in the upcoming iPad 3, and a new software interface which will include support for Siri, the charming voice-based personal assistant that came with the iPhone 4S

Samsung SMART TV

In an attempt what looks like to bring worlds of PC/Mobile and TV together into a single device Samsung seems to be bringing up its concept named “SMART TV” powered by Android.

They would rather remove a remote and be controlled by your mobile device.

LG has revealed plans to bring a huge 55-inch OLED HDTV to CES 2012 in January, with the super-slim panel using new OLED technology to deliver better color quality and response times. The new set, LG Display claims, demonstrates how AMOLED systems more commonly used in the smaller displays of smartphones can be extended to encompass far bigger panels for televisions.

Gaming: (Nintendo Wii U/Microsoft XBOX 720/Sony PS VITA)

Nintendo trying to create revolution in gaming products by adding a new controller with an embedded touch screen that allows you to continue gaming session on a portable controller even when TV is off.

The Wii U’s new controller incorporates a 6.2-inch, 16:9 touch screen and traditional button controls, including two analog Circle Pads. This combination removes the traditional barriers between games, players and the TV by creating a second window into the video game world.

Microsoft’s next version pet named XBOX 720 is still in speculation. Although XBOX 360 which was a big hit and the Kinect Bundle (here and more) providing a more innovative way of gaming. Although I cant even imagine what the next version of Kinect could be as I am already flabbergasted by the body gaming technology using Kinect sensors and cam that enables hands free and no-controller gaming. So the next version is still not in the open nor is the spec. It’s come to know that the XBOX 720 would be full HD stereoscopic 3D visuals similar to 3D movie theatres. Also rumored that it will have 8 core processor, 3D, 4K2K, multiTV (DPConnect), live TV and webcam, as well as GPS that allows users to view the location of any other user on an active map.
*Note: (Pictures below are imaginary and are not official released designs)

Sony’s PS VITA in US @ Feb 2012 to discover completely new ways to play. PS Vita revolutionizes the gaming experience with dual analog sticks, front and rear multi touch pads, motion sensors, and front and rear cameras. Game at the speed of your mobile lifestyle, start your game on PS3 and continue on the go with your PS Vita. The Wi-Fi version is priced at $249 and the Wi-Fi/3G version will cost $299.99

Tablets: (iPad 3/KindleFire2)


Speculation that iPad 3 would be powered by quad-core A6 processor, it’s IOS 5.01 Beta and equipped with super high resolution Retina Display. And likely to be launched in first half of 2012.

Kindle fire 2 is set to be quite a bit different from its predecessor. It is thought that Amazon will redesign the device so it doesn’t have the same look and feel of the PlayBook – something many of the reviews refer to

Mobile: (Apple iPhone5/Samsung Galaxy S III)


iPhone mania continues with iphone 4 and iPhone4S. Quad Core Processor, 4.5 – 5″ Retina Display, 4G LTE should be most likely be part of iPhone 5.

When we’ll see the iPhone 5 launch is anybody’s guess, but whether it’s released in June or November, it seems like a safe bet that it will have a new design and most likely support for 4G networks

Samsung Galaxy S III

If you could name one company that had made its influence felt even after the sweep of mobile market by iPhone its none other than Samsung. Samsung has made its mark with its wide range of mobile products be it the galaxy series etc. powered by andriod and are still the ones to be watched. Samsung sold around 10 million units of the Galaxy S II just in three months of it’s release, and it was the one of the fastest phone at the time of release. So many Android and Samsung fans are waiting for the next version.

Apart from the variety of technology products that we just talked about if I had to mention one more aspect of technology that is expected to raise more eyebrows its would be Microsoft’s Win8 Operating system.

Microsoft Next Version of Operating System Windows 8 will be major change. I mentioned it when pre-beta got released and its huge set of changes at Link. Microsoft is bringing the Metro UI found on smartphones and XBOX 360 to the PC and tablets. Word is a beta may be out as soon as February with the final product ready to ship on PCs in late fall. Microsoft windows 8 will include support for ARM Processors as well as X86 INTEL and AMD processors. A new Start Screen interface has been added that was designed for touchscreen input in addition to mouse, keyboard, and pen input.