After various test preview, beta and RC releases we now have a final version of IE9 released.

I still remember when I posted in my blog about the very first Ie9 platform preview getting released at Mix10.

“Dean Hachamovitch, Corporate Vice President, Internet Explorer, at the Internet Explorer 9 launch event at SXSW in Austin, Texas.”

You can watch the launch event at:

There has been a lot of feedback on the previous beta versions which in my opinion were itchy.

The ie9 RC version that released couple of weeks back fixed most of the issues. At least I am happy for now.

I don’t have to mention all the new capabilities of the browser as there are tons of implementations demonstrating the browsers capabilities.

In fact Microsoft already has a public site that demonstrates all the various features of IE9.

Just go to

Make sure you have a HTMl5 supported browser like ie9 installed to actually experience all the examples mentioned in the test drive site.

Some of them includes:

· Most talked about HTML5 support.

· Hardware Acceleration

· Simplified Interface (Critics call it Chrome like.. but its unique in its own way)

· Windows 7 Jump Lists/Pinned Sites to Task bar etc. (I love these features)

· Do Not Track feature (Tracking Protection)

· Improved IE9 developer tools

I am just listing out just couple of important features that are worth to note in the release from previous version ie8.

Microsoft is devoted to making IE9 in compliance to support most of the HTML5 standards/features.

And believe me the percentage % of support is increasing every day.

Finally did I just forget to mention the link to download IE9… So here it is:

Yes, A dedicated site for ie9 indeed. The name “Beauty of the Web” says it all. Just means you can experience the beauty of the web via IE9 that gives you better performance of the site that’s loading in the browser with its wonderful feature set.

Before I end I always take a chance to post some referral links where you can learn more about Ie9 in huge web of internet:

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