Now that Microsoft has demonstrated the future trend of Gaming with its hands free control gaming console.

The biggest super hit of gaming consoles – XBOX w/Kinect. Completely gesture based gaming entertainment.

If you want a brief overview of what Kinect is read my earlier blog post at link (Or) for more information visit link .

So let’s get back to the main topic and the present buzz topic at least for me if not the whole world.

With the introduction of Kinect the developer community started hacking Kinect and use it for different possibilities which even Microsoft hadn’t thought about. The right way to say would be probably Microsoft might have already thought about but not announced about. But with some very cool demonstrations of Kinect already being made Public. Read More

Watch some very cool videos lightsaber and gestures.

Microsoft have finally decided to get ahead of the hackers and infact started to provide them a more official medium to use its product saying that it is planning to release an SDK.

The SDK (Software Development Kit) will help developers/enthusiasts work with the core technology of Kinect on Windows7 based computers.

So wondering what could be the possibilities? The unthinkable that we could have had to wait for at least 5 years can now be possible right this year.

Windows 7 – Full of Gestures?

Yes, Using gestures to perform tasks in your PC is what you can do. Few of the images below and a video that will demonstrate the same.

With all these being announced I can’t wait to get my hands on Kinect. But I will at least wait for Microsoft to release its toolkit first.

I just keep giggling just by the thought “Imagining everyone in the organization pointing their fingers at their PC to perform events”. Ha Ha it would just be as if they are fighting with the PC.

If so let the war between PC vs. Human begin.

When you see this happening for real remember me that I was the first to tell you. J