This blog post started with My Colleague asking me:

“hey dude how to give feedback to Google about it’s webpage?”

Surprising enough I couldn’t find a feedback button for Google on the homepage. But that’s where any human being would expect it to be.

And I now have one more reason to like “BING”. Go to homepage and Bingo you find the feedback link.

Not sure why Google don’t like to receive feedback whereas it is one of handy features to receive free advice and to know of what’s “right” or “wrong” about your product.

On the other hand Microsoft no matter how big their developer community is they always asks for feedback and have been driving all their products via Community feedbacks.

On saying that here is where you can find feedback option for “Bing”. Right on the HOMEPAGE. J I know “Bing” is yet to reach “Google” in terms of search relevance. Which it has improved a lot from where it’s started couple of years ago. But this is how Microsoft works. (Take Feedback and act up on it and continuous improvement)

Ok now I was determined to answer to my colleagues question:
“hey dude how to give feedback for Google webpage?”

And I had to use “GOOGLE” to search for the option of providing feedback. And after looking into various forums and posts found the information that I was looking about.

I can now understand why “google” hasn’t provided a feedback option readily available. Because they wanted people to SEARCH for it. J

Here is the information that I wanted to blog about and again “Google” only takes “Suggestions” not “Feedbacks“.

Here’s what Google says (see To help you get your answer faster, we’ve put together an informative help section and comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your answer, please contact us by selecting the category that best pertains to your feedback.

* Suggestions:
* Praise and complaints:
* Not satisfied with search results?
* Report errors, bugs and broken links:
* I have a question and/or need help using Google:

Ok, so a localization error would fall under the “report errors, bugs …” case but here’s what I got back after writing to the webmaster:

“Thank you for writing to Google. We’d like to assist you, but we only
respond to messages submitted through our online contact form. Please
visit to submit your message, and we’ll get
back to you soon. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we look forward
to hearing from you.

The Google Team”

The link above points to a help section with no feedback form. So, in order to help them you need to let then try to help you ?!

To end this post I would recommend Google to get the basics right before boasting all their accomplishments. And at the other end Microsoft’s “Bing” they have got the basics right but will reach the pinnacle very soon.