Ok it’s been a while since I had done a paper boat..but today I thought I had something to share with one and all. An incident that really touched me to write this post and equally shocked me to hear. At the end of the story….hmmm not a story but infact a real life incident that took place as recent as Yesterday. Since this is an employee blog post I would expect a paper boat to be not only just be heart touching but give me a take away thought by reading this..So I just thought of comparing the incident to a real time project scenario and then ask the typical common question that would try to get some thought provoking responses on the topic…

With no delay i will jump into narrating the incident. This is about my aunts friends grandfather who should be around his 60+ or 70 age. A farmer by profession and very healthy comparing to his age. Still actively doing all his day today activities without being dependent. An example of him not being dependent is him not even borrowing his sons cars for travelling to close by places. So its a habit of his to daily go to a nearby cafe around 2km from his house in a village for an evening snack. Even though he has his sons 2 luxury cars he prefer to go by an auto (Most popular Shared Auto’s) to the place and he has been doing this for past 10-15 yrs. So as usual he was travelling in the auto to the cafe and the auto(TATA mini van) was almost carrying 15-20 people on the day. Which constituted of school/college going youngsters as well. You could easily imagine what would be the state of the auto with 20 people loaded in it. He was sharing the drivers seat with his legs partly out of the auto. Most common scene in our daily hectic lifes. You can see similar scenes in every auto around Hitec City. So here starts the problem. There was this speedy biker who was trying to overtake and catch a bus that he wanted to board. the bus was starting to take a turn to the right from a bus bay. To avoid contact with the bus the biker took a steep right all of sudden not realizing an overloaded auto coming from behind. The autowala had no time to react and in his condition where he was just riding the auto by virtually a single hand had no idea to escape. He tried to prevent accident with the biker and also took an immediate right turn that ended up rolling over of the auto. A disaster which he would not have expected. With the auto rolling over the entire auto coming on top of grandfather and with the people on top also being a part of accident. It was havoc all over the place. You can imagine the situation yourself as I wouldnt want to describe it anymore. So with everyone being rushed to the hospital the grandfather was miraculously found uttering these words "I am OK and nothing has happened to him". Irrespective every one were rushed to the closeby hospital and media also taking their gaurd at the hospital. The all famous news channel TV9 reporter coming to the grandfather who was yet to be medicalized asking him a quick question.."How are you feeling now with a leg cut?" The shocking question took grandfather by surprise and when he looked at his leg he didnt find his leg. He was stunned to death on the spot. What really happened was with the auto rolling all over him his leg got cut-off and he being a sugar patient couldnt feel anything. But when he was asked the question he was literally pertrified and had a heart stroke.

The condition of atleast 5 other youngester/children is very serious and doctors say they dont have any chances.

So before I ask you the question I would compare this with a project scenario.

Where the Bus can be compared to customer/client which every company want to bid for and get it. The biker can be the Sr.Management that wants to board it at any cost. The autowala can be the Project Manager who is trying to load in as many resources and be ready for the task. And the passengers/employee who dont have much vision of where they are heading to and the consequences just board any auto. Finally the reporter can be compared to the HR manager who gives the ultimate news. The incident could be the RISK that the PM should have monitored. In this case we can compare it with the recession or the cost cutting process.

So the big question is whose mistake was it anyways?

Case 1:

a) Should the bus/customer be blamed for taking such steep turns. In customer scenario it could be change of plans without notice.

b) Should the biker/Sr.Managers be blamed for being so aggressive as they need to win the bid or board the bus.

c) Should the autowala/PM be blamed for trying to build his livelihood. PM trying to get things ready at any cost. But not trying to think of consequences if something goes wrong. (In this case recession leading to ramp down of resources)

d) Should the passengers/employee be blamed for boarding an overloaded auto/project taking the risk.

e) Should the irresponsible HR/reporter be blamed for not taking the matter to the employee/grandfather in a positive manner. Or in case of HR doing their job in a rude manner.

f) Or the government be blamed for not imposing strict rules on autowalas/software companies. (Ex: Satyam Scandal)

At the end of the day there is a loss happening. But "WHOSE MISTAKE IS IT ANYWAYS"??