There have been situations where one would want to automate a PC to revive on a schedule from a state of sleep/hibernate mode.
So that it would help save power and especially now that all companies are going for a GO GREEN way of doing things this would apply to IT Companies as well.
Hence below are various ways of doing this programmatically and if you are not a techie then there is a utility also mentioned below that will help you to just automate this process.
I am really excited to get this implemented in my Windows 7 PC…So what are you waiting for…

C# Class that sets a WIN32 WaitableTimer. The timer will wake up the PC if the PC is in standby or hibernation mode:

Free Utility to Configure this from Windows: WakeupOnStandBy

Using the BIOS features to wake up a computer on a schedule:

Programmatically waking up a PC from Suspension: (C++)

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