Windows Live Essentials Beta –Wave 4 Released:

Essentials connects your Windows experience to the web services you already use – not just the ones from Microsoft. The new betas of Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, and Messenger connect to photo and video sharing (SkyDrive, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, SmugMug), social networking (Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin), email (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail), blogging (Spaces, WordPress, Blogger), and document productivity (Office Web Apps) services. And the new Windows Live Sync keeps your files synchronized across multiple PCs and in the cloud.

Family Safety Beta:
This is for the security of how your kids experience the internet. It enables you to monitor entire activities of your kid over internet. Right from who are your kids recent friends and how much time they spent on some program. What they have installed and everything that you would want to keep an eye on is possible using this.

Live Writer Beta:
This is used exclusively for blog writing. You can also publish content from writer to any of your external blog provider (WordPress, Blogger, Sharepoint etc..) Even you can create a new blog if you don’t have one. The experience that writer gives is WYSIWYG. (What you see is what you get). It’s like formatting your blog content in a word document and just publishing it in the exact way as you format it. And the blog would display the content as it is. You can as well apply nice effects to the photos and videos that you add to your blog from within writer. So that you don’t have to edit your images elsewhere and then get it back to the blog software. And like all the Windows Live essentials programs live writer also can connect to your Social networking platforms to keep updated about your blogs.

Live Movie Maker Beta:

With a few clicks in Movie Maker, you can make movies from your videos and photos. AutoMovie adds themes, transitions, effects, titles, and more to turn an ordinary video into a movie that wows. When you’re done creating, share it online

This has some wonderful new features added and it is more simple to create a movie. As simple as you can create a Photo Slide Movie with captions in as quick as 5 secs. It just importing your photos into your movie maker and then using variety number of features with all sorts of effects. If you are already aware of Movie Maker and its capabilities this will bring additional set of features to edit/create your movies.
Live Messenger Beta:

Live Sync Beta:

You can directly access your PC over the web with Sync’s new remote desktop feature.

Live Mail:
Manage multiple e‑mail accounts—Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail* and more—in one program. Access your e‑mail, contacts and calendar even when you’re offline

This is an offline client application that you can install for free and configure any of your email accounts (windows live account ,Hotmail or Gmail etc).

You can configure multiple accounts too by just clicking on “Add e-mail account” and adding your account.

So you can view your Hotmail as well as your Gmail in same application with very less effort. It’s just switching your account with just a single click.

This will enable you to view your Gmail emails and take advantage of the Live mail ribbon tools to filter and grouping or clearing out your spam mails using the new Sweep options etc.

It just gives you an entire Outlook experience without even having Outlook installed. Which means that you get all the premium features of Outlook within this application with the entire Ribbon experience as below for free.

These features include the Threading feature where emails automatically group by Subject and clicking on the arrow expands your conversation to show all the previous mails including the sent mail with the same subject.

You can also create Photo Email with stunning effects:

You just have to create new “Photo Email”. Select your album either form your local drive or from online websites like flicker, Facebook etc. These plugins are already provided by default in all the windows live essential software’s. So it’s just a point of selecting the album and it creates you’re the below experiences. You can edit the title and add your own title and just send of the email

As simple as that…. J ..Makes things so simple and give a wonderful email experience. You can play out with other effects that are already available. I have shown 2 effects as below that didn’t take me a minute to create. I added my Teams pic’s and gave a name of our Team as title.

Live Photo Gallery:

Search your entire photo collection using face recognition, tags, or keywords to quickly find what you’re looking for. Need to fix a picture? Auto Adjust does it for you in one click. Then share your favorite photos on the websites you already use, including Windows Live, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube.

This provides you with various photo editing tools that Adobe already provides but this is just a simple install that provides most of the photo editing features. And the install is much sleek that other Photo Editing software’s. And the sync between all the above tools would make it more easier for your to create photo experiences even better. It’s like a family of software’s that you would want to use rather than use another software especially for Photo editing. Off course if you want to go for a very high end Photo editing then I would still recommend other tools like (Photoshop etc.) But if you are looking for a quick to use tool to get things done really quick this is the tool you would go for. Most important features that have been added to this tool are the Photo Fuse , Photo Face detection and recognition being built into it. This gets the wow factor out of you when you see the software suggesting you more photos with the same person in it.

You have to use it to believe it.. pretty much works very nice. As you select a photo what it does is identifies the faces of all the people in the picture and initially would ask you to give names to those persons asking you “Who’s this”. Once you add the information of the person and you select similar photos it automatically identifies the person and tags it to the contact.

Once all the photos are being tagged with their names. You just select the person and the complete photo gallery is filtered with photos in which the selected person is part of.

Coming to Photo fuse this becomes handy once you are done with tagging and when you want each and every pic to be perfect. Like you can convert the below picture in which each person is not at their best initially but once you use the Photo Fuse they just convert to the best picture. Although it doesn’t do everything on its own. It’s an interesting feature that gives you wonderful outcome.

I have played around with the feature and its pretty handy.

Live Messenger Beta:

Messenger is the best way to stay in touch with your close friends. Share photos while you chat. Talk in real time with high-definition (HD) video chat.* Even stay on top of the most important updates from your social networking sites, right in Messenger.

There are some major changes that have been made to the traditional messenger that has the history of being the the most widely used messenger. Like all the applications above messenger is again been connected to social network sites. And you just not only can IM your friends but can also watch your friends scraps/status updates from facebook, their new blog updates and much more..

All this can be done within Messenger. You can even post/comment to facebook from the messenger and once you get replies and you get notified in the messenger.

All in all this is a major leap from Microsoft to sync up its new Operating system (Win7) with these tools and make them collabrated in such a way that they can be used together and also much faster/efficient, since all these tools are using the power of cloud computing.

So as I always do the link for installing and reading more info is below.

Thanks & Regards,

Fazal Basha Shaik