Fight Diabetes – Technology can really help

Scott Hanselman (Principal Program Manager Lead) explains how the technology can help you. Very informative.

Here is the : (Very Interesting and at times annoying to see what all a diabetic patient has to go through in his life. Especially lot of Needles L. And Scott just showed what all he does in his life as well.)

For more details visit the blog post of Hanselman at

The Goal

This year Team Hanselman, led by myself and my wife, Mo, who had this whole idea, will be walking to fight diabetes on Sept 12, 2010. We have set a goal of raising US$50,000. We can do twice that I say.

If only 5000 of you, that’s 10% of you, dear readers, gave US$10 to this cause, we’ve met our Team Goal. If only 1000 give US$50, well, you get the idea. If you can’t donate, that’s OK. Post about this on your blog, spread the URL or put some of our Diabetes "Flair" on your site!

SHORT LINK: Please tweet and spread this link!


A Personal Favor to Me

Perhaps you’ve searched the web and found my blog useful in the past or you’ve seen me speak at a conference or local user’s group. Or, you’ve hung out here for years (this blog started in April 2002!). Maybe you’re a blogger yourself and useDasBlog. Perhaps you’ve visited my Blog Archives and found them useful, or you read the ASP.NET MVC book or ASP.NET 4 book. Perhaps you listen to my podcast.

If you’ve ever thought about giving a ‘tip’ to this blog, here’s your chance to make that tip tax-deductible! (if you’re in the US) You can also paypal your donation to the email address that is "scott (a t )" and I will personally deliver 100% of your money myself.

* You can give a tax deductible donation directly by visiting here.

o Perhaps your employer has a matching gift program. Just $20, perhaps $10, perhaps $5, perhaps $100.

* You can always see our current progress at my American Diabetes Association page as well as a list of who’s donated!

* Pass around the link to your friends, your family. Email it to your company’s internal email alias. Show us the power of blogging, of word of mouth and spread the word.

And please, donate now. In the US, donations are Tax-Deductible and go directly to the ADA. If you like, you can PayPal me and I’ll deliver the money myself and I’ll match it.

Last year this time, there were over 5000 people subscribing to this blog (for the technical content, I assume) – this year there are over 14,000.

If you can’t donate you can help pass on the information to others by blogging or tweeting or even forwarding this mailer.

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