MIX10 – A 3day Microsoft’s Designers and Developers Conference Videos

If you have missed out the wonderful live sessions of MIX10 that happened recently. You can download all of them in a single go!!!

Using Mike Swanson’s downloader and renamer

If you’d like to download all of the keynote and session content, download a recent build of cURL (~250K), and extract it to your folder-of-choice. Then, download MIX10Downloader.zip (1.39KB) and extract the MIX10Downloader.bat file to the same folder. From a command prompt, start MIX10Downloader by passing it one of the following parameters: WMVHIGH, WMV, MP4, PPTX. Then wait. For files that aren’t available, cURL will download a file that is around 1,245 bytes in size (if you change the extension to .htm and open it, you’ll see that the file is simply an HTML "not found" error page).

To rename the files, first, download MIX10Renamer.zip (4.09KB). Then, extract the MIX10Renamer.bat file to the folder that contains your downloaded files, and from a command prompt, type MIX10Renamer WMV to rename all of the .WMV files to the full session title. By changing the parameter, you can also rename your PPTX and MP4 files.

All the videos are also available to be viewed at http://live.visitmix.com/Videos

Especially if you are a Silverlight Geek you wouldn’t want to miss out on these sessions. And to point out just a few of them that are available for download.

Get in-depth exposure to exciting new Microsoft technologies. Watch the MIX10 sessions and download the videos and presentations here. See the Day 1 and Day 2 keynotes on demand. Featured sessions from MIX10 include:

· Overview of the Windows Phone 7 Series Application Platform

Charlie Kindel

The new Windows Phone is coming! Get a high-level overview of the new application platform and a complete picture of the developer story. Learn about the developer tools, the application frameworks, the support for Silverlight, and the support for XNA.

· 10 Ways to Attack a Design Problem and Come Out Winning

Robby Ingebretsen

See the design process in action as we walk through the creation of two (or three) apps from beginning to end. We’ll start with design requirements and talk about finding inspiration. We’ll show you how we created and documented the design through comps and wireframes. Finally, we’ll even take a look at unique coding techniques that allowed us to realize the vision. If you’re interested in the design process and want to see it in action, don’t miss this talk!

· Stepping Outside the Browser with Microsoft Silverlight 4

Ashish Shetty

You can do a lot with a Silverlight 3 out-of-browser application – so what more do you need? Maybe file system access, the ability to host HTML content, the ability to customize the application chrome, greater control over the out-of-browser window, notifications, access to local components and the ability to playback rights protected media? If so, then this is the session for you to come find out about the new Silverlight 4 out-of -browser features and see some of the amazing things you can do with those features.

· Total Experience Design

Paul Dawson

Your Mission: We need great creative ideas, we need them implemented, and we need to make customers love them, all in the space of six months. You have zero budget. Go! Under huge pressure to innovate, how do you get people to buy in to your ideas and then actually get them done? How do you avoid getting side-tracked by blue-sky thinking whilst delivering a project to time and budget yet still realize the ambitions we set in that blue-sky thinking? How do you even justify doing ‘something different’ or focusing on Experience in the first place? See how to get Experience-based innovation going, how to get it to flourish, how to define its success factors and measure the "Return on Experience".

· Understanding the Model-View-ViewModel Pattern

Laurent Bugnion

The Model-View-ViewModel pattern (also called MVVM) is a hot topic in today’s Silverlight and WPF world. This pattern facilitates modern development techniques such as separation of concerns (decoupling), unit testing and test driven development, work with modern tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Expression Blend and more. In this session, Laurent (a user and promoter of MVVM since 2006) introduces this pattern to you with many demos. We talk about the basic components of a modern Microsoft Silverlight or Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application, and of additional helpers that will make your life as a developer much easier.

· Beyond File | New Company: From Cheesy Sample to Social Platform

Scott Hanselman

The web has changed and there’s a new way of thinking about your applications. You can’t just write some HTML and CSS anymore and expect to be the next Twitter. Hear how to make your site socially relevant in the new decade (the ’10s?) This session includes everything from Microsoft ASP.NET MVC2, to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and OData, JSON services and blog flair, microformats, and leverage ASP.NET and Microsoft Silverlight to create rich user experiences. Let’s stop messing around and start changing the world. Or at least giving Nerds a place to eat dinner.

· The Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework

Michael Scherotter, Alfonso Corretti

Come hear about the Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework, which is a new extensible framework for integrating web analytics into Silverlight applications. See how it addresses the challenge of tracking out-of-browser and offline application and supporting multiple analytics services simultaneously. Learn how to use Expression Blend to visually instrument designs and do A/B testing. Also learn how to use components built by a number of analytics and control vendors in Web, video and rich client scenarios.

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