So finally with the huge data on the web. We keep reading various articles and someday want to know where I read some ‘X’ article. My memory is bad and so I thought I would keep posting all the links in this post as I come across in my day today journey. In the process will also save a purpose to share it with public as well.



Expression Blend and Sketchflow

Visual Studio

RIA Services




What’s Changed in SL4:

Silverlight Business Application Case Study Whitepaper:

MVVM Best Practises:

Silverlight Toolkit’s drag/drop feature:
WinForms to XAML UI Converter

· Latest blog post from Davide (about v.6 beta)

· Pointer to project web page

Silverlight Design-Time-Extensibility:

Silverlight Video Experiences:

· – features: cube video selector, video magnifying glass, bandwidth meter

· – overall integrated video experience


Sketchflow-in-90 seconds:

Silverlight Media Framework: (For absolute accessiblity)

Silverlight & Services Best Practices:

Silverlight & WPF – Split Button , Context Menu:

Articles on Visual State Manager:

Design or Coding Guidelines or Best practices for Silverlight/.NET:
XAML guidelines –

Framework Design Guidelines –

Brad Abrams

Krzysztof Cwalina’s

wrote the book

Magellan is a lightweight MVC framework that makes it easy to build WPF navigation applications.

AuthN/AuthX with Navigation in SL4 – David Poll
Writing a Profiler with Silverlight 4
Silverlight Optimization for Performance Enhancement
Silverlight 4 OOB Application that uses COM Interop:
MIX10 – CL10
Testing WPF Applications:

Sharepoint & Silverlight