Recently I had a hard time deploying a simple website to IIS7.

I was facing a list of errors and I came to a misconception that deploying Framework 4.0 in IIS7 Win7 was not as easy as IIS6 in WinXP. But I was wrong as the below two articles helped me clarify with most of my queries.

I would also recommend you to watch Vishal Joshi’s demo the Program Manager for the deployment feature in VS2010. He clearly shows how to deploy an application directly from VS2010 to your target (IIS etc.)

Web Deployment Painkillers: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 & MS Deploy

Most importantly I was easily confused when I used to see .Net Framework Version as V2.0 in IIS7 even though I had Framework3.5 installed. Finally was surprised to find the secret of this notion from Scott’s Post.

How to set an IIS Application Or App Pool To Use Aspnet 3.5 rather than 2.0.

Finally when I got my application running on localhost but was failing to be remotely accessed from other machines in the network. It striked me of that Firewall settings that were preventing me from accessing my Application. Earlier I used to setup a Firewall software that would automatically by pass the restriction to my IIS server. But I came to know of a way to enable access to my application just by using Win7 Firewall settings as below… This was much easier than installing another software.

I just had to enable Inbound rules by directly creating an new inbound rule to accept all connections from my TCP/80 <Port number of the app>.

To do that I had to go to Control Panel > Windows Firewall settings.

Funny thing is I couldn’t find Windows Firewall when I went to Control Panel but I used the smart search feature of Win7 that would immediately get me to Windows Firewall settings. Believe me the search is very smooth and result is instantaneous. Reminds me of Asynchronous search…Not sure if that actually exists though ;p

So once I find windows firewall I just click on 1) Advanced Settings 2) Inbound Rules 3) New Rule

And then configure the rule to allow all connections from TCP/Port number of your application. And you are good to access the application from other machines in your network.

Hope this post will be an additional help from all those posts that are already available on Internet.