I think I am really getting addicted to few of Brad Abram’s (Product Unit Manager) of the Application Framework team at Microsoft and his blogs.
He recently wrote a blog focusing on demo problems at MIX 09 (a Microsoft conference held annually for web developers and designers to showcase their upcoming web technologies). In Brad’s blog, he praises those who handled their demo crashes with grace, and provides some video examples. Your audience, just as the audience at MIX 09, will be forgiving if the Demo Demons strike. We’ve all been there before and can feel for the presenter. What audiences do not forget are the presentations in which the presenter goes up in smoke with the Demo Demons.

Also as I was reading through his blogs I happened to get lost roaming through his other blogs of Interview tips for PM (Program Management). Apart from all his other technical works of Silverlight and .Net RIA services that recently released and which I really fell in love with. And I am already wrestling to get few of the sample app’s that he demonstrates to get working myselfJ. And coming back to the main topic of getting few tips for PM or else I can easily get diverted to taking this blog to a completely technical blog. I was eagerly following his suggestions and things that Lead PM’s really look for to hire a good PM. And not to boast about myself but I really felt I had the qualities in me especially most of them that he mentioned and the zeal for technology as well. For points that I was not aware of I now know that I have learnt from him and will really look forward to reach new heights in my career.
On my journey of following through his blogs I came to know others who were posting comments and blogs of theirs which were equally interesting. Mainly few of the below links which were more in generic. And also there were lots of other blogs in the same site each describing few famous personalities tutoring us the way to give a successful presentations. This really amazed me and I was kind of speechless and couldn’t guess how many months will I take to complete reading all these blogs. As I am writing these I could just recollect that this is one of my first blogs that I am writing and I am already writing in too much. Hope I am atleast starting to write blogs mainly for the reason that I can recollect what was important for me and hopefully share them with few of others whom these writings can be helpful. I am not an expert in writing as you can see lot of breakings and losing scope all the time but I am really trying hard to reach up to these guys who just mesmerize people with the way they present things especially either it be a video live session or some excellent blog writings.

Finally I guess my blog should end now since I am already getting late…. Hopefully I will complete this blog with more related links pretty soon.
Hope this information is useful in one way or the other…