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Silverlight Out Of Browser – OOB Application with setup icons and everything else..

Posted by fazal on February 12, 2010

Silverlight Out Of Browser – OOB Application with setup icons


There is a small issue that I faced while I followed the above article where the OOB settings didn’t allow me to view my icons from the resources folder even after setting the “Build Action property” of images as “Content”. So Jeff’s blog helped me out to do the manual way by configuring the

“OutOfBrowserSettings.xml” file to tweak the feature manually.

My OutOfBrowserSettings.xml finally looked like

<OutOfBrowserSettings ShortName="OOBApp Application" EnableGPUAcceleration="False" ShowInstallMenuItem="True">

<OutOfBrowserSettings.Blurb>OOBApp Application on your desktop; at home, at work or on the go.</OutOfBrowserSettings.Blurb>


<WindowSettings Title="OOBApp Application" />



<Icon Size="16,16">Resources/abstract_04q_16X16.jpg</Icon>

<Icon Size="32,32">Resources/abstract_04q_32X32.jpg</Icon>

<Icon Size="64,64">Resources/abstract_04q_64X64.jpg</Icon>

<Icon Size="128,128">Resources/abstract_04q_128X128.jpg</Icon>



More information on tweaking these properties could be found at


There is more info in the above link like:

· Show install menu

· Implementing all the necessary things to make Out of Browser shine

· Offering a button experience for taking the app Out of Browser

· A smoother notification method

· Out of Browser and Application Library Caching: Mutually Exclusive

· Consider a Splash Screen if you have a large app that is Out-of-Browser enabled

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